May 20th, 2022

8 amazing, eco-friendly holiday destinations for 2022

As you may be able to imagine, since the Covid-19 pandemic, many people’s travel priorities have somewhat shifted.

It could be that your idea of the perfect holiday has changed since 2020, when lockdowns around the world restricted travel and made a “quick getaway” almost impossible to organise. As we have eased back into our busy schedules, you could be searching for a relaxing holiday somewhere quiet, rather than an all-thrills trip, this year.

In addition to the Covid-19 pandemic’s effect on holidays, eco-friendly travel is becoming a bigger priority for holidaymakers too. A Statista survey suggests that more than half of over-55s claim to be concerned about tourism sustainability – up 14% from 2018.

If you are searching for an eco-friendly travel experience this summer, read on for eight amazing eco-friendly holiday destinations to visit in 2022.

1. Forest Holidays in the Forest of Dean

If you want to stay close to home while still enjoying a change of scene, Forest Holidays in the Forest of Dean could be just the ticket.

In the heart of stunning Gloucestershire, Forest Holidays provides beautiful, secluded log cabins perfect for couples or families, deep in the incomparable Forest of Dean. Surrounded by ancient woodland wherever you turn, these log cabins provide ample relief from the stresses of day-to-day life.

These pet-friendly eco-cabins are available to rent from Forest Holidays this summer.

2. Eco-gite in Brittany, France

For an abroad trip that ticks your eco-friendly boxes, a privately-owned eco-gite in Brittany, France, might suit.

This five-bedroom restored farmhouse has been brought back to life by its owner with entirely eco-friendly materials, including: solar panels providing electricity; sustainable insulation and wall linings; and phyto-purified drinking water.

This eco-gite, surrounded by horses and other wildlife in the beautiful greenery of Brittany, could be the ideal eco-conscious retreat for you and your loved ones this summer.

3. Cairngorm Bothies, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

A mile into the 100-year-old Scot Pines in the Cairngorms, north-east Scotland, these “bothies” – also known as cabins – are equipped with eco-friendly luxuries to make your holiday extra special.

These stunning off-the-grid cabins are run on solar power, and heated by logs cut sustainably from the surrounding forest. It could be the ideal trip for couples who want time to reconnect, giving guests a taste of the stark Scottish wilderness while still maintaining home comforts.

You can book a trip to the Cairngorm Bothies, and explore the other cabins available, online.

4. Hidden River Cabins, Cumbria

The sound of a rushing river can be immensely calming. If you’re searching for a quiet waterside retreat away from the busy tourist sites, Hidden River Cabins in Cumbria might be the perfect spot.

As far as eco-friendly holidays go, the Hidden River Cabins surpass all expectations. Each cabin is carved from a single tree trunk, and no cabin has internet access – meaning you can switch off, relax, and get back in touch with nature. The neighbouring café sources only local food, so you can eat delicious meals out while remaining sustainable too.

Book a Hidden River Cabin online for a relaxing retreat with up to six guests.

5. Soul Retreat, Edinburgh

Perhaps a holiday that takes you deep into the country is not your cup of tea. In which case, Soul Retreat, an eco-spa based on the outskirts of Edinburgh, might be your idea of heaven.

A trip to this spa includes an eco-friendly package of:

  • Cruelty-free, vegan cosmetic products
  • An advanced recycling system onsite
  • Eco-friendly showers
  • A tree-planting partnership that helps offset the carbon usage of the spa.

If you want to luxuriate in a beautiful spa while keeping your carbon footprint low, Soul Retreat could be the ideal solo trip to take this summer. You could even take a group of friends, or your partner, for a holiday to remember in this environmentally friendly Scottish spa.

You can book a stay at Soul Retreat today.

6. Cloud House Farm, Andalucia

If you’d like to venture outside of the UK, Cloud House Farm in Andalucia, Spain, could be the sun-soaked eco-holiday of your dreams.

Tucked away deep in the hills of the Rio Genal Valley, Cloud House Farm provides guests with 17 acres of beautiful farmland to explore. Visitors will sleep in stunning solar-powered yurts, and are encouraged to swim in the nearby spring to refresh each morning.

In summer, temperatures in Andalucia can reach up to 30 degrees, giving you a sun-baked holiday that takes you off the beaten track and into the mountains.

You can book your own yurt at the Cloud House Farm website, or enquire through a travel agent.

7. Wya Point Eco-Resort, British Columbia, Canada

This summer, you might be searching for an epic trip of a lifetime, spreading your wings and venturing far away from Britain altogether.

In which case, you could be tempted by the Wya Point Eco-Resort, located in British Columbia, on the west coast of Canada.

This resort boasts a range of lodges, yurts, tent camping, and RVs that can be hired alone or as a family. Wya Point offers access to private beaches, and is just minutes away from the world-renowned Pacific Rim National Park.

The lodges, designed to match the traditional tribal huts of the native land in British Columbia, are built on cement stilts, raising them away from the beach front and helping wildlife thrive around them.

Through this establishment, you can book whale-watching tours that could enable you to spot orca, humpback whales, and grey whales in their natural habitat.

Book your trip to Wya Point Eco-Resort today for an eco-friendly stay you’ll never forget.

8. West Lexham Treehouses, Norfolk

Finally, if you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to sleep among the branches of a tall tree, wonder no further!

West Lexham Treehouses, a popular “glamping” site in Norfolk, is a luxury eco-site in which guests lodge in treehouses, allowing them to truly get away from the hustle and bustle of working life.

Guests will wake up to the dawn chorus in the mornings, and can spend dusk watching owls hunt as night rolls in. If you’re searching for unmatched peace and quiet, these treehouse cabins can’t be beaten.

Book a cosy cabin for two with your significant other, or a larger treehouse that accommodates the whole family.

Contact West Lexham Treehouses, Norfolk for more details on booking a treetop cabin stay.

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