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Mr J

A client since 14/01/2021

My name is Simon Birks, I've been a client of Prosser Knowles for the last five years.

When I first met john, I was being advised by a financial planner who I had been with for approximately three years. but I'd only met once. I felt that I wasn’t getting the service that should be expected of a financial planner.

Over the last five years Prosser Knowles have helped me with a wide variety of financial advice and financial planning services. From retirement planning, to investment planning, to buy to let properties. As well as a range of general advice, updates and information which I find very useful.

Since I've moved to Prosser Knowles, things have improved tenfold in relation to the advice. John is constantly in touch and we have regular reviews. John understands and knows what my long term objectives are, they're always front and center of all of our discussions.

Knowing that I'm working with Prosser Knowles, it makes me feel very secure and very confident about my financial future. I don't have the worries, I don't have the distractions john and the Prosser Knowles team take that away. Which allows me to get on with my work, my life, and enjoying what I want to do.

In my day job as a corporate solicitor, I have a number of clients who come to me with requests for advice, with requests for guidance, and I often tell my clients, “You pay me to be the expert. Let me be the expert”. It’s so refreshing to have that come back at me from Prosser Knowles, when they say to me, “Simon, you pay us to be the experts? Let us be the experts”.

If I wasn't working with Prosser Knowles, then I guess that I probably wouldn't be as confident about my financial future.

The best thing about working with Prosser Knowles is the fact that they're honest, they take an interest in what my objectives are, and that on occasions when I come up with ideas, they have the experience they have the assertiveness and the knowledge to say “Good idea Simon, but maybe not for you. It might be right for the person who you've had a chat with in the pub or in the golf club, and it might work for them, but it might not work for you”. I like that honesty, it’s refreshing.

The three words that I would use to describe Prosser Knowles are approachable, experienced and professional.

I would recommend Prosser Knowles to a number of friends, family members and clients. In fact I have recommended Prosser Knowles to a number of clients and colleagues who I work with.


A client since

My name is Godfrey, and I've been a client of Prosser Knowles for approximately five years.

We were looking for financial advice, specifically pensions advice for my wife, but also for investment purposes for myself and my wife. So, a bit of a combined effort really.

The reason we chose Prosser Knowles some years ago was that my wife worked at a firm of solicitors who used Prosser Knowles for their financial advice. So, they were already well known to us and had a very good reputation.

In particular, the main things that Prosser Knowles have advised us on are pensions advice for my wife, and where to invest our money to give us the best return possible.

The person that we work with at Prosser Knowles is Laura Evans. We like working with Laura because she's very friendly and knowledgeable. She gives us plenty of advice, but she doesn't push us in any way. The advice is always very well laid out. It's risk-based, so we know exactly what risks we're taking. Overall, the returns for the last few years have been very good indeed.

Both myself and my wife were very impressed with the way Laura has helped us in terms of our financial planning for the future. We would thoroughly recommend her to other people and would have no hesitation whatsoever in doing so. In fact, we have already done so.

Our business with Prosser Knowles has been administered professionally and efficiently. Our general contact is with Laura. She's very helpful, but obviously Laura is supported by the rest of the team. Our main face-to-face contact is either by zoom, phone, or in person with Laura herself, who, as I've mentioned before, is very helpful, accommodating, professional and friendly.


A client since

Hi, I'm Bruce, this is my wife, Catherine. We've been clients of Nick Aston at Prosser Knowles for just over three and a half years.

We got in touch with Prosser Knowles because we wanted help looking at our pensions and savings to see if it would be possible for us to retire early or not.

They've been fantastic. As soon as we met up with Nick Aston and the Prosser Knowles team, they listened to what our ideas were, what our aspirations are for the future, what plans we had for retirement, what plans we would like, not just for us as a couple, for our family as well. They gave us some great options and some ideas and very clearly explained what plan we would need to put in place, what the different stages were. It was a very nice process and a very clear process. We were very pleased with our first meeting with Prosser Knowles.

I always felt at ease, and I didn't feel worried about asking any questions if I didn't understand what advice was being given. It's always been a good experience.

The process that Prosser Knowles took us through to establish we could retire early was, first of all, an initial meeting with Catherine and myself, to establish what previous pensions we had paid into. From that, they got initial valuations and then they talked us through what will be the different stages ahead, what we would need to do to plan out our early retirement. From day one, it was very clearly explained what we needed to do. It was a very good process.

When the plan at Prosser Knowles proved that we could retire early, I felt really relieved. It was great that we're going to be able to retire and start a new chapter in our life.

Since we've retired, I have to say it's been a life-changing moment, really. We are certainly the happiest we've ever been in our lives, really enjoying life. Really good, positive force about the future. Now it's giving us more time to pursue some of our hobbies. Since retiring, we've both bought some mountain bikes and we’re doing a lot of cycling. We’re both doing a lot more walking. I'm allowed to play a lot more golf during the week, which is fantastic. Also, we want to do a lot of travelling, which has been one of our dreams to travel to different countries around the world, which we’ve never seen before. We're both really, really excited about the future.

Working with Prosser Knowles has made it possible for us to retire early. There's no way that we would have been able to do this without their advice. It wouldn't have been possible with the pensions we had to do that. We're very grateful for them, for what they've done.

Three words I would use to describe Prosser Knowles, first of all, professional and if I can add to that, they always come to meetings, very well prepared. The second word I would use would be friendly. I don't just mean Nick Aston and his financial advising team, I also mean all the people we’ve spoken to in the office, on phone calls and have met, they've all been exceptionally friendly. The third word I would use would be supportive. When we've given Nick and Prosser Knowles ideas of what we want to do for the future, they've been really supportive of those plans. It's been absolutely super.

I'd say the best thing about working with Nick Aston at Prosser Knowles is I've always felt at ease talking to him right from the word go, right from the first meeting with him. I've always left meetings, feeling satisfied and knowing what the plan is for the future.

The support team at Prosser Knowles isn't all about the financial adviser, Nick Aston coming to visit us. It's there's a whole team behind him based at several offices. Everybody in that team who has spoken to Catherine and I, either on the phone or in person, has been absolutely superb. Very efficient and when they've said they're going to call you or contact you they do, that's quite refreshing in this day and age. We've had a really good experience with the whole team at Prosser Knowles.

Bruce & Catherine:
Would you recommend Prosser Knowles to anybody else? Yes, definitely we would, and we already have done to our family and friends and that shows how much trust we have in them.

Bruce and Catherine

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