People planning retirement

My name is Godfrey, and I’ve been a client of Prosser Knowles for approximately five years.

We were looking for financial advice, specifically pensions advice for my wife, but also for investment purposes for myself and my wife. So, a bit of a combined effort really.

The reason we chose Prosser Knowles some years ago was that my wife worked at a firm of solicitors who used Prosser Knowles for their financial advice. So, they were already well known to us and had a very good reputation.

In particular, the main things that Prosser Knowles have advised us on are pensions advice for my wife, and where to invest our money to give us the best return possible.

The person that we work with at Prosser Knowles is Laura Evans. We like working with Laura because she’s very friendly and knowledgeable. She gives us plenty of advice, but she doesn’t push us in any way. The advice is always very well laid out. It’s risk-based, so we know exactly what risks we’re taking. Overall, the returns for the last few years have been very good indeed.

Both myself and my wife were very impressed with the way Laura has helped us in terms of our financial planning for the future. We would thoroughly recommend her to other people and would have no hesitation whatsoever in doing so. In fact, we have already done so.

Our business with Prosser Knowles has been administered professionally and efficiently. Our general contact is with Laura. She’s very helpful, but obviously Laura is supported by the rest of the team. Our main face-to-face contact is either by zoom, phone, or in person with Laura herself, who, as I’ve mentioned before, is very helpful, accommodating, professional and friendly.

Both myself and my wife are very impressed with how Laura has helped us with our financial planning for the future

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