When it comes to fees, we keep things straightforward and clear. That way, you’ll always know what you will be paying and what you’ll receive in return.

As with any important purchase, you will naturally want to be sure that you are going to be provided with value for money when you embark on your financial planning journey.

Our approach to fees centres around three key principles:

1. Clarity

You will always know what our fees are in advance of any work starting. You will therefore never incur any fees without having acknowledged that you understand those fees and are happy for us to proceed with the work.

We believe it’s very important you have a chance to get to know us, understand how we work and how we may be able to help you before you part with any money. For this reason, Prosser Knowles will cover the cost of our first meeting and discussions with you.

2. Fairness

To provide accurate details of what we charge, we first need to meet you and get a really good understanding of your needs. We will then determine the full scope of the work involved in helping you achieve your goals.

Working this way allows us to charge fairly, based on the complexity of each case. For this reason, we do not publish sets of standard fees. You’re an individual, therefore the work we do for you – and the fees we charge for that work – will be just as individual.

3. Value

Naturally we would not expect you to commit to our fees without seeing the value that our work can add. Our clients often tell us that there are two ways they see value through their partnership with us:

(i) Financial

We never agree to undertake work unless we are confident the financial rewards of that work will far outweigh the cost for that client. Our focus is on building long-term, successful relationships with each client we work with, something we could not do if our clients felt they didn’t see real financial gain. We’re delighted that so many of our clients stay with us over many, many years, often bringing their children and grandchildren to us as the financial results of our work become clear.

(ii) Quality of life

There’s more than one way to measure value. Of course, you will want to feel assured that in financial terms you will see value for money but there are many other benefits too.

A report by Royal London* found those clients who were engaged in ongoing financial planning overwhelmingly reported an improvement in their emotional wellbeing. Clients reported an increased sense of security and reported feeling more confident about their money and better about themselves – something our clients regularly tell us they experience too.

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