Building wealth

My name is Simon Birks, I’ve been a client of Prosser Knowles for the last five years.

When I first met john, I was being advised by a financial planner who I had been with for approximately three years. but I’d only met once. I felt that I wasn’t getting the service that should be expected of a financial planner.

Over the last five years Prosser Knowles have helped me with a wide variety of financial advice and financial planning services. From retirement planning, to investment planning, to buy to let properties. As well as a range of general advice, updates and information which I find very useful.

Since I’ve moved to Prosser Knowles, things have improved tenfold in relation to the advice. John is constantly in touch and we have regular reviews. John understands and knows what my long term objectives are, they’re always front and center of all of our discussions.

Knowing that I’m working with Prosser Knowles, it makes me feel very secure and very confident about my financial future. I don’t have the worries, I don’t have the distractions john and the Prosser Knowles team take that away. Which allows me to get on with my work, my life, and enjoying what I want to do.

In my day job as a corporate solicitor, I have a number of clients who come to me with requests for advice, with requests for guidance, and I often tell my clients, “You pay me to be the expert. Let me be the expert”. It’s so refreshing to have that come back at me from Prosser Knowles, when they say to me, “Simon, you pay us to be the experts? Let us be the experts”.

If I wasn’t working with Prosser Knowles, then I guess that I probably wouldn’t be as confident about my financial future.

The best thing about working with Prosser Knowles is the fact that they’re honest, they take an interest in what my objectives are, and that on occasions when I come up with ideas, they have the experience they have the assertiveness and the knowledge to say “Good idea Simon, but maybe not for you. It might be right for the person who you’ve had a chat with in the pub or in the golf club, and it might work for them, but it might not work for you”. I like that honesty, it’s refreshing.

The three words that I would use to describe Prosser Knowles are approachable, experienced and professional.

I would recommend Prosser Knowles to a number of friends, family members and clients. In fact I have recommended Prosser Knowles to a number of clients and colleagues who I work with.

Working with Prosser Knowles makes me feel very secure and confident about my financial future

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