Our investment philosophy

We provide low-cost access to professional investment management. Our no-nonsense, easy to understand pricing structure ensures you won’t be surprised with hidden fees.

We provide low-cost access to professional investment management. Here’s how our investment proposition works:

  • After meeting with you to gain a deep understanding of your financial goals and lifestyle aspirations, our skilled investment team will select a portfolio that matches your objectives and attitude to risk.
  • Your portfolio will be created following a meticulous research process and will comprise high-quality diversified funds from major investment houses, including some of the best known investment management firms in the world.
  • We monitor investments regularly to ensure your portfolio remains firmly within your chosen strategy and continues to align with your appetite for risk. By constantly assessing global economic and financial conditions, your investment team are able to rebalance your portfolio - rapidly when necessary - to ensure it is in tune with the latest market movements.
A portfolio to perfectly match your objectives

Whether you are a cautious investor looking for steady long-term growth or are more adventurous and happy to accept a greater level of risk, our investment proposition is designed to meet your requirements.

Professional, straightforward portfolio management

With conditions in financial markets fluctuating on a daily basis, it’s crucial that you have someone continually monitoring and structuring your portfolio correctly. That level of attention and expertise gives you the greatest chance of achieving your objectives and ensuring your portfolio remains aligned to your attitude to risk.

If you are considering investing for the medium to long term and don’t want the everyday responsibility and hassle of personally managing your investments, our investment proposition provides a straightforward solution. What’s more, we’ll explain everything in straightforward terms, meaning the technical jargon surrounding investing isn’t a bar to your financial success.

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Our investment expertise

Experience is essential when it comes to effective, professional investment management. Considerable expertise is needed to combine, for example, equities, bonds and cash, and then to select the very best investment opportunities. Adapting a portfolio to reflect current market movements also requires detailed knowledge of the financial sector.

Prosser Knowles’ investment proposition offers the complete solution: professional portfolio management with the highest levels of financial expertise.

For your peace of mind, our investment proposition is overseen and regularly monitored by the Prosser Knowles Investment Committee to ensure that it continues to meet our clients’ needs and requirements.

Our pricing

Our clear and straightforward pricing structure, explained to you at the start of your investment journey, means you won’t be caught out by any undesirable hidden extras.

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