May 27th, 2020

Perfect time to review your finances

Photo of Daniel Morris financial planning consultant at Prosser Knowles

In times like these, we are forced to review our circumstances, adapt to the new situation and make whatever changes are necessary to ensure we continue on our path towards whatever goal we might have set.

This has been no different for all of us at Prosser Knowles when it comes to both the business and our personal lives – projects for shiny new bathrooms have been shelved, holidays abroad cancelled, the board games and garden games are back out and the spending of money re-prioritised to move us forward into a new era.

Investments might suddenly look less healthy but more optimistic, insurances have renewed value and mortgage repayments have been optimised.

Being Financial Advisers, looking at our overall ā€˜financial healthā€™ is something that is second nature to us, but we recognise it might not be the same for some of our clients.

We also recognise the potential opportunity these times present us with.

There is no better time than now to cut costs, optimise performance, re-assess risk or take advantage of the increase in savings and decrease in expenditure.

Since the market fall and the lockdown more of our time is being spent helping our clients to do just that ā€“ some of them cautiously optimistic and some of them just plain cautious!

Our message to all our clients is simple:

With interest rates lower than ever there is no better time to review your mortgages and savings.

With markets at their lowest for a long time, there is no better time to review your investments.

And, with our mortality and health feeling more fragile then ever, there is no better time to review our insurances, protections and the legacy we will one day leave behind for our loved ones.

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Written by: Daniel Morris ā€“ Financial Planning Consultant, Prosser Knowles Associates Limited

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