Lisa Checketts

Accounts Administrator

About Lisa

Lisa works as in our Accounts Department as an Accounts Administrator. She helps with payroll and ensures that our incomings and outgoings are balanced every month.

Lisa has enjoyed gaining new knowledge about the financial services professional having worked in a different sector before joining our team.

Spotlight questions

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Being able to work on my own initiative but also as part of the team here at Prosser Knowles. I enjoy working with Excel and Sage and the new challenges my job brings such as getting to grips with the new back office system that we’ve recently installed.

How do you most like to spend your time outside of work?

With my family. My family are very important to me. I am the eldest of four and we all have our own immediate family but we also find time to share as one.

Something guaranteed to make your day better…

The sun shining, someone being cheery, just even passing the time of day, saying hello even to a perfect stranger. Achieving my daily job roles also makes me happy and feel worthwhile.

The last TV series you recommended to someone…

“Chesapeake Shores” and “Virgin River” on Netflix. I watch them alongside my eldest daughter so we can talk and reflect on what we have been watching. It gives us a connection when we live in different households and have family and work commitments.

What makes you laugh?

My Grandchildren. I have five and two adoptive grandchildren.

Is there a quote or motto you try to live by?

“Whoever is happy will make others happy too.”

An achievement you’re really proud of…

I am proud of my children and what they have achieved. I am also proud of the person that I have become, facing trials and tribulation along my 51 years.

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