September 23rd, 2022

Two brave colleagues take the leap of a lifetime in support of the Family Haven

On 2 September 2022, two of our brave financial planning consultants, Laura Evans and Rachel Robb, took the leap of a lifetime.

Laura and Rachel participated in a charity skydive in support of The Family Haven, an organisation we have worked with at Prosser Knowles since 2021.

Both Rachel and Laura set up JustGiving pages for their dives, both of which remain open for donations if you wish to support this important cause.

Read on to find out more about the essential work The Family Haven does for Gloucestershire families, and how Rachel and Laura found the exhilarating jump on the day.

The Family Haven works with vulnerable families in and around Gloucestershire

Before we move on to the details of Laura and Rachel’s epic skydive, we would like to first introduce the incredible charitable organisation, The Family Haven, that we proudly support.

The Family Haven work with vulnerable households in and around Gloucestershire, providing much-needed support and stability in difficult times.

People who use Family Haven’s services include:

  • Parents and children fleeing domestic violence, or violence of any kind
  • Parents struggling with their mental health
  • Children with additional care needs
  • Families of all ages experiencing poverty
  • Families without access to cooking, washing, or drying facilities
  • Households who need help with benefits or other social services.

One service user, Sarah, says, “I was very alone and struggling to pay for food for the children, so The Family Haven arranged a referral to the food bank. They also signposted me to other support services to help with benefit claims and housing, so we could get back on our feet.”

“On top of this, The Family Haven provided clothes and toys from their second-hand store for Isaac and Rebecca, which was wonderful, as it really helped them gain some normality. Thank you.”

We are thrilled to have been able to participate in The Family Haven’s “Skydive Month”, and have so far raised more than £1,200.

Remember: Rachel and Laura’s JustGiving pages are still open! If you have been inspired to donate and help families in need, follow either link to make a secure payment.

Any amount is greatly appreciated by The Family Haven. Just £10 provides art materials for nursery play sessions, while £50 feeds 10 children with a healthy lunch.

You can also donate directly to The Family Haven on their website, or explore volunteering opportunities with the charity.

We hear from Rachel and Laura after their epic 10,000-foot skydive

On 3 September, Rachel and Laura, financial planning consultants with Prosser Knowles, visited the Hinton Skydiving Centre to participate in their charity skydive.

After their feet touched solid ground once again, we caught up with Rachel and Laura, to hear about how the experience went, and why working with The Family Haven is so important to them.

What motivated you to do a charity skydive? 

Rachel: A skydive has been on my bucket list for a while. So, when the opportunity came up to do one through our charity sponsor, The Family Haven, I jumped at the chance – literally!

Laura: I wanted to do something to support the Family Haven. Having visited their day centre in Gloucester, I was able to witness the incredibly valuable work they do for vulnerable children and families. The jump was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and something I had always wanted to do.

Was there training involved for the jump, and what did that entail? 

Rachel: There was a short training session involved before the skydive. The memorable tips were to “pretend to be a banana” and to scream if you accidentally open your mouth during the freefall!

Laura: Yes, the training mostly involved rolling around on the floor trying to achieve the proper eject and land positions! I can now do a wonderful impression of a banana…

Describe the actual freefall experience – was it what you thought it would be? 

Rachel: I had done paragliding previously, so I assumed it would be similar to that. It was like jumping into a cold, white abyss – only really fun. The 40 seconds of freefall was a surreal and adrenaline-inducing experience. I can’t wait to do another – maybe in a different country next time where the weather is more dependable!

Laura: It was even more incredible than I imagined; I now recommend it to everyone.

Together, Rachel and Laura have so far raised £1,285 to provide essential care for vulnerable families.

Thank you to both colleagues for volunteering to take this leap of faith, and to The Family Haven for involving us in their incredible work.

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