June 12th, 2023

Your June 2023 Prosser Knowles team update

Welcome to your Prosser Knowles company update for June 2023. We’re here to bring you the latest on all the happenings in our team.

Read on to find out all the highlights from spring 2023.

We celebrate 1 year in our Droitwich Spa offices

On 6 June, the Prosser Knowles team celebrated one year in our new office, located in Droitwich Spa.

Last year, we relocated from our Worcester and Hartlebury offices to a larger, more modern location out of town. Our new offices are perfect for housing our growing team, welcoming clients, and hosting team events.

We hope to celebrate many more anniversaries in our new office – it’s come to feel like home for us over the past 12 months.

Compliance associate, Ed Brecknell, completed the Muddy Dog Challenge to raise money for Battersea Dogs Home

Our compliance associate, Ed Brecknell, took on the Muddy Dog Challenge in support of Battersea Dogs Home earlier this year, alongside a few friends who were brave enough to join him!

The Muddy Dog Challenge involves completing an obstacle course alongside your four-legged friend, and is held every year by the rescue to raise money for the animals in their care.

Amazingly, Ed and his dog, Badger, raised £205 for the charity, providing an incredible donation that will help so many dogs in need. Congratulations, Ed!


Meet our new head of operations and risk, Hollie Pearce

In early June, our team grew by one more member as we were joined by Hollie Pearce, our new head of operations and risk.

With extensive previous experience in the financial services sector, including a senior level position at Hargreaves Lansdown, we are delighted to welcome Hollie into the Prosser Knowles fold.

Hollie’s role will help grow our business in a more efficient manner, enabling us to focus even harder on the outcomes our clients deserve.

Goss Lumsden assumes greater responsibility in his financial planning consultant role

Financial planning consultant, Goss Lumsden, is making strides within his role here at Prosser Knowles.

We caught up with Goss to hear about the new responsibilities he’s taking on, and how he plans to work with our team to produce even better client outcomes.

What are the new responsibilities involved in your role?

“First and foremost, I am still a financial planning consultant, looking after clients will always be my main priority.”

“In addition, I now provide hands-on assistance to the other advisers in the company with regards new business generation. Every person has different strengths and weaknesses; some people are incredibly good at getting out there and networking and making connections, others are forward-thinking in terms of technology and how this can be utilised in the future.”

“My new role enables me to work with advisers to come up with new, tailor-made business generation plans that suit their strengths, not their weaknesses. I then support them with seeing this plan through by having regular meetings and conversations.”

“I also have a key focus around teamwork. Being an adviser can feel quite lonely and daunting at times, but working within a team and covering each other’s bases can relieve a huge amount of stress.”

How might both the clients and the business benefit from what you’re doing?

“The business will benefit from a more streamlined and happier team – one with a clear direction that they have had a real hand in crafting. This will naturally lead to better client interactions and servicing.”

What are you most looking forward to achieving in this new role?

“I am looking forward to all of the advisers having a clear progression and way forward whilst working in a style which works best for them.”

“We’ve got some really talented individuals in the business with really exciting skillsets. My new role enables Prosser Knowles to recognise those skillsets and have advisers work in a way that suits them. No more trying to fit a square peg into a round hole!”

Helping our affiliated charity, The Family Haven, raise funds at the Colesbourne Gardens Snowdrop Open Days

Since last year, we’ve worked with a local charity, The Family Haven, who support parents and children living in vulnerable circumstances in and around Gloucestershire.

This includes families experiencing homelessness, fleeing abusive situations, or living without enough income to feed and support their children.

Back in April 2023, a few members of our team helped out at the Snowdrop Open Days at Colesbourne Gardens, where The Family Haven managed to raise £3,052.16 at this event alone.

We’d like to thank The Family Haven for all the work they do in Gloucestershire, and are so pleased that together we managed to raise this amazing sum in just one weekend!

If you’d like to make your own contribution, you can donate on The Family Haven’s website.

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